This Women’s Rights Thing

I am a woman. A strong independent women. Ask my left half. He hears this a thousand times a day when I refuse his offers of help. Just because I have a vagina and a pair of breasts doesn’t mean I can’t open a door for myself or carry my food shop in from the car. I highly doubt it’s going to bloody kill me. I get really pissed at women tutting under their breath because a guy didn’t hold a door open for them. Or a guy apparently “looked at them in a sexually provocative manner”.

All these bloody A -List women that feel the need to go on about women’s rights and we are not an object and we deserve equality… Sit down please. You all acknowledge like me that we have a great set of attributes like our tits or our backsides. So you rock up to these events or interviews or whatever social fling you’re doing wearing at least 50% less fabric than anyone else in the room flaunting those assets to then deliver a statement on how you feel women are being objectified, gawked at or made a minority. It’s like saying we need to address the importance of Vegetarianism whilst eating a bacon sandwich.

Don’t get me wrong. I feel for a long time that women have been overlooked and undervalued. And things need to change. But my perspective is that women’s rights are being overlooked when there are still girls being genitally mutilated. Young girls denied an education. Women taken and kept as prostitutes in a near drug induced state of compliance. People seem more shocked that an actress once got her butt touched by a Director 30 years ago for a role that then began her now illustrious career than the fact there are hundreds of girls who can’t afford sanitary towels even in this country. There are girls who fall into a downward spiral of prostitution just to make money to eat who need saving. There are girls that day after day are touched, that are molested, that are raped by members of their own family to the point they wish they were dead.

These are the women and girls need our help. These women and girls need our women’s rights. I couldn’t give less of a fuck if I tried that an actress got paid less than an actor for starring in a film. She still has a roof over her head, intact functioning genitals and never goes hungry.


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