Too cool for school

“What a lovely afternoon to be sat snuggled up on the sofa doing my Uni Degree work.”

A phrase I never thought I could see myself saying. I was so excited when I finished my equine studies at 20 after a permanent slog of education since primary school. 15 years of my precious, and at this point uneventful, life devoted to the art of learning shit I apparently needed to know. Education freedom. I had collected a fuck-tonne of certificates. I’m talking GCSE’s, highest girl’s SAT result, working life prep, equine coaching and management…. All kept in a folder that to which there whereabouts now I don’t have a bloody clue.

You know though. I decided actually learning stuff is quite important if you want to go far with a career. Fair enough, I had a great time working with horses but it wasn’t going to be a career for me. I realised that I wanted horses to be my hobby. Unfortunately working with them and trying to enjoy them was too much. Too physically and mentally exhausting. So after fucking about here and there and making some shitty decisions, to which I will elaborate on in further posts, I realised that I wanted to go to University. I understood that in my mid 20’s, the uni lifestyle of drinking till near coma was past me thankfully. So, I can actually enjoy my sudden apparent sense of maturity and sit with Mastermind on the telly and a cuppa in my hand while I work through a full-time degree with the Open University. I am loving it. I have finally found an amazing career and now have the chance to build a career.

My advice to you guys is you know what. Fuck the advice that the Careers Advisor rams down your throat once you have done your GCSE’s. You do what you want to do. Nobody has to go to University. Nobody has to do what their predicted grades determine they do. Go get a part time job. Go get an apprenticeship. Find out what you want to do. It’s not a case of Gap Years and finding yourself. You already know who you are and what you talents absolutely smash balls at. So go find where you’re happy. And if it takes you a few jobs and a few years to get there. So what. You’ll end up just fine. Promise.


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