Having A Day Off

I decided to have a day off on Sunday. I told my S.O that I wanted to literally just wake up and do sweet FA all day. Was really looking forward to it. The thought of just ‘chillaxin’… kicking back… Perfect. Take some time out of work, study (scored a sweet 97% and 83% on my first assessments) and blogging as I have been bloody everywhere that week. Emotionally and physically. A roller coaster some might even say.

But here is the thing. I cannot cope with not doing anything. It got to 7.30pm and I then experienced a full blown allergic reaction to doing nothing, Yep. I got a proper strop on because I did nothing all day. How the fucking hell do people just do nothing. I damn near went stir crazy. I was almost at the point of flippin’ tables nearly. I cannot begin to comprehend how there are people that sleep and eat and shit and that is it.

I mean have I got something wrong with me? In the fact that I need to be doing something. I need to be running at least on 90% stress level. And if I haven’t got stress then that makes me stressed. My Boyfriend is so chill. He is professional work hard and play hard kinda guy. It drives me loopy that I can’t just switch on and off. He tells me to take a break or I will burn out but seriously I think that slowing down might kill me.

It will be inscribed on my tombstone besides some god-awful death related pun that taking a second to think about death is what killed me. Bleak, but probably true. So basically moral of the story is that taking time off is stupid. And if I only get time from 11pm till 3am to get my daily meme fix then fuck it that’s what I will do. God help the day my boyfriend and I are living together. Poor sod. I will be like The Flash zipping about the place.

And also, on a final note. Being so tired all the time from being busy is great because it also gives me ammunition to moan. I love a good whinge and a moan. And what better fuels it than a lack of sleep and being stressed. Brilliant.


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