Soul Music

Now I am one of those dippy wet ends that loves the Tate Modern, well written prose and ‘Emo/pop punk” music. I’m one of those people that says “it speaks to me on a deep emotional level man”. So you can only imagine my unbridled giddy excitement counting down the days to see Fall Out Boy in Birmingham on the first UK show of their Mania tour last Tuesday.

A while ago, well a fair while ago, I was not feeling great. That little flickering flame was struggling to stay alight. I felt fucking horrible. Everything was falling apart. And trust me, yes I had people around me that loved me dearly, but in those moments you become so overwhelmed you don’t give a fuck about anyone or anything. And I was sat listening to my favorite album at the time- Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy. Now shit, I had lost all faith in myself and in everything I loved. But something within that final song on the album stopped me in my tracks. It made me feel calm. I stopped shaking and I slowly stopped crying.

After the nest remaining few hours of that night, I sat listening to that same song on a loop. I knew the song by heart. And I got up, made a black coffee, lit a cigarette and watched the sunrise on a day I never thought I would.

I truly believe that on that night, that album saved my life. I found solace in an album created by 4 guys that will never know I exist. So yeah, long story short. To see them live 4 years later in a far better place with an amazing guy to my side… I cried. So many happy tears. I fucked up that one day I could actually girl with a shit hot blended Mania Album purple palette and eyeliner wings that matched. So totally worth it.


“You Are What You Love. Not Who Loves You” – Fall Out Boy Save Rock And Roll


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