Generic Monday Hate Post

You know I feel it wouldn’t be right to do a blog without a generic Monday is load of balls post. And not gonna lie, there is very little to get excited about on a Monday. Working in an office, Mondays are a mine field.

  1. You have to ask fellow co-workers if they have had a nice weekend, knowing full well you don’t give a shit.
  2. Then there is the standard weekly work catch-up round a whiteboard, whilst you all stand there making it sound like you have an epic week ahead of you and also then in the same breath explaining why last week flopped.
  3. There is never milk in the fridge for coffee. And no fucker ever wants to have to troll back downstairs to buy some.
  4. A shit ton of emails. Mostly from random things you used your work e-mail to sign up to. I am probably a high cyber virus threat with the state of my inbox.
  5. Forgetting what you needed to do first thing Monday morning instead of doing it Friday at 3pm because you wanted to get in on the Friday Beers.
  6. Weekly Payroll. Someone always manages to have some little quibble over their pay they got on the Friday. They had all day Friday to ruin my mood and they choose Monday to pick their fight. Swell.
  7. Listening to every other person use Monday as an excuse for just about making any mistake. What’s that? I am hauling ass to help sort out your fuck up? Why? Oh, because it’s Monday. Not just because you genuinely did a half-assed job.
  8. The Cleaner forgetting to take the bins out and leaving the remnants of Friday’s and probably Thursday’s lunch to fester. The office smells like landfill.
  9. Trying to make a call and do my job despite wanting to go walk out in traffic, as it’s Monday after all, and every buggar is too busy sorting out from their weekend! Sorry, but that’s life Barbara. Ignore me Friday and I will come back at you like an over caffeinated boomerang Monday.
  10. The queue in the coffee shop. Don’t even get me started.


So, Monday’s yeah. I hate them too. Not a fan of Tuesdays either. Wednesdays are okay. Thursdays are the worse. I am so close to the weekend. I can taste it. Friday, I palm it all off till Monday. Just subconsciously setting myself up for my own breakdown at 8.30am Monday. But that’s how I role.

But in truth, those 10 things I aforementioned… Are they not actually the 10 times you all end up having a laugh together in your office. Mondays are a bit like Marmite. We hate them and we love them.


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