The Book…

Obviously as well as being mediocre at writing a blog that 70% stays on theme. I also have a sideline banging out a novel. It’s not anything, you know, major. Just potentially an epic sci-fi adventure that could reach the big screen directed by Christopher Nolan and featuring all the Chris’s. Or it will just sit and fester on my blog and someone will steal the idea. One of two outcomes really…



Prologue: And as their fingers reached out to the pane of thick glass between their palms, the weather became vicious. A shuddering roar swept through the exposed eaves 80 floors above them. Everything seemed to slow down, just like in those moments when every fluttering beat of a hummingbird’s wings becomes a rhythm of hypnosis. … Continue reading Prologue

Chapter One

    Chapter One: CHASM   Televisions sat on a static loop with no signal to blare propaganda to the masses. Screens sat silent with the only purpose of reflecting the last fights of resistance from loyal B-Classes against the brutal uprising of A-Classes. There was blood shed and tears shed. Men using every ounce … Continue reading Chapter One

Misc. Scribblings

Besides doing a full time degree and also doing my blog and bossing the recruitment business and writing a novel, I like to write even more random shit. Bloody mental me. Nervous breakdown surround by empty inkwells and screwed up paperwork and being found face down in a typewriter. I can see it happening. I … Continue reading Misc. Scribblings