Chapter One



Chapter One:



Televisions sat on a static loop with no signal to blare propaganda to the masses. Screens sat silent with the only purpose of reflecting the last fights of resistance from loyal B-Classes against the brutal uprising of A-Classes. There was blood shed and tears shed. Men using every ounce their starved hollowing bodies could give to defend what little they had left. Their wives, their children or even just enough food to last the coming week. Everything became precious. Even life has become a currency. The choice is either you sell yourself to the A-Class Division to avoid a nondescript slow violent death. Or, you literally give your life in a heroic stand of eventual martyrdom desperate in the belief you can change it all.

It’s quite incredible how much had changed in the last three centuries. Previous generations envious they would never get to see the changes and advances that the evolution of the human brain would create. The B-Class believed we needn’t push further. We could do more than enough Man ever need be able to do. But the A-Class disagreed. They believe it is imperative to always break boundaries. Break homes. Break people. And so, the rift started, a great chasm down the most definitely unequally marked divide in humanitarian history. And while this was going on in a chaos that could never be scripted, there was an extreme branch of the A-Class which comprised of just a handful of remarkable scientific minds. They had formed an organisation named Xsist. They had performed successful genetic mutation. And now they were beginning to build the first generation of The Genetica Programme. It will become a weaponised B-Class. It would be perfect. So far, all the underground experiments seemed to prove a feasibility to their hideous plans. Yet, it’s incredible to think that in the year 2987 the A-Class boffins so hell bent of constantly pushing forward to flex their scientific muscles were exercising scientific methods mirroring that of an archaic, centuries old Frankenstein practice. Somewhere in the city, legend had it amongst the B-Class, there was an underground laboratory. A maze of cells and rooms where, should you sell your soul, you go to die a human and come back as a Humax.


A shard of light struck the glass box, refracting a prism of rainbow lights around the room. It was the only glimpse of anything remotely beautiful Carrie had laid on eyes on in months. The warm feeling of the sun on her skin felt like a thousand burning needles, it was amazing how quickly her body had acclimatised to the pitch black cold. She tried to turn her head to catch a look of the audibly loud heavy breathing to her right, but her head was strapped to the table. “Look at me!” barked a male voice as it delivered a slap to her face so hard it whipped her head back to a view of the ceiling.  She then became aware of the feeling of warm breath nearing her neck. The slight tingle, which slightly aroused her senses, magnified as she felt lips brush against her whilst Laedo whispered to her softly. “How dare you even now try to defy me. You utterly worthless excuse. I am giving you purpose Carrie. But. I can take it away. I’ll send you back to where you came from. I’ll put you back. Just try me. One more time. I dare you…” She screwed her eyes shut. She wanted to scream. Fear of an unknown fate was coursing through her veins. It was as if her heart was going to rupture out of her skeletal chest there and then.


“Bring the needles. The large gauge needles.”

“Do we have everything else? What about clearing up?”

“No… It’s okay. If they bleed out they bleed out”

“Shut the boy up as well. Pathetic. She hears him just breathing and tries to get brave.”

“But… We wanted him alive. Didn’t we?”

“Just do it Adder. Be quick. Clean in and out. When it stops pumping blood out you’ll

know he’s finished. Do it right and we can still use his body.”


Carrie was starting to feel her cold sweat running down her face. The taste of saline sitting on her chapped lips. The slight hesitant questioning tone of Adder for a brief second made her doubt Noah was going have his life extinguished like a forefinger and thumb to a candle flame. However, she was all at once then aware of a sound not to dissimilar to that of a bite into a ripe fruit. A slight gasp had escaped Noah’s lips. She could hear his trembling legs on the gurney frantically rapping against the metal frame.  It was like a crescendo of building noise and fear. She knew Adder would be stood over him, mesmerised by the pooling blood pumping from Noah’s greying body.

As his heart started to fail so did her hope. The prism of light disappeared. The white room began to move. She felt as though on a carousel. It was getting dark. Yet it was still light. “Take a deep breath now Carrie. I’m just going to hurt you a little bit.” Laedo smiled broadly as he lent towards her strapped forearm with a cannula. “If you are a good girl you’re going to be my new favourite when you wake up. I promise I’ll stop hurting you….” She could feel the false sincerity dripping off every one of his words. It made her want to gag. Though, her reflux was suddenly interrupted by an overwhelming choking spasm in her throat. Searing pain shot through her arm. Her veins were glowing. She tried to watch them spread toward her shoulder. But, being strapped down she lost sight of them just before her shoulder. And then she lost sight of everything. Consciousness included.