Generic Monday Hate Post

You know I feel it wouldn't be right to do a blog without a generic Monday is load of balls post. And not gonna lie, there is very little to get excited about on a Monday. Working in an office, Mondays are a mine field. You have to ask fellow co-workers if they have had … Continue reading Generic Monday Hate Post


Am I A Hipster?!

Behold. You are about to witness history. I am going to issue an apology to all those who drink Soya/Almond/Oat milk out of choice and not because they have crippling dairy intolerance. I don't know what came over me. Well, actually I do. It was the realisation of an additional stone in weight came over … Continue reading Am I A Hipster?!

Soul Music

Now I am one of those dippy wet ends that loves the Tate Modern, well written prose and 'Emo/pop punk" music. I'm one of those people that says "it speaks to me on a deep emotional level man". So you can only imagine my unbridled giddy excitement counting down the days to see Fall Out … Continue reading Soul Music