What Is This?

It’s a boiling hot Sunday in August. Early 90’s. Snap was number one in the charts with Rhythm Is a Dancer. A poor woman in heavy labour is waddling through a maternity ward losing patience over the two-week late babba in her belly. Fast forward 25 and a half years and you are reading what some may call a ‘Self-Help’ Blog which has been written by someone marginally interesting and who in fact, was that two-week late babba. It’s an honest and occasionally sweary guide of how I  navigate life without making a complete balls up. Some parts will be honest accounts of my misadventures, misdemeanours and highlights. Other posts will be my thoughts and feelings on current affairs. And yes I will have changed names, places and the like in those rare moments of reflection, to protect the decency of the poor human beings I have graced with my presence along the way.

But the most important part is that this is a pick up and put down blog. No need for chronological committed reading. You can read this for advice on how to get through stages in life. You can read it with to throw your two cents into the mix on my opinion. Or you too may wish to empathise with my inability to contour or pull off a jumpsuit, put on false lashes or maintain a set of false nails for longer than 48 hours. This blog will not change your life, stop you getting wrinkles or claim to perform weight loss hypnotherapy. I just want you to feel like I’m sat having a conversation with you whilst slightly heavy breathing (I am a serial mouth breather) into a tiny latte bought from some independent coffee shop that charged me £8.95. This blog is here to bring you joy, laughter and company when you have moments of feeling lonely and you need something to read.